Full set of custom vehicle vinyl graphics designed and manufactured for White Picket’s shiny new Transit.

White Picket Maintenance wanted their new vehicle to be a seamless extension of their brand. We created a fully bespoke design for their new van, as a continuation of their identity design, down to the last detail.

We started with a wireframe from The Blueprint. The van’s details (trim, colour, badges etc.) were added to give an accurate canvas for the layout. Using existing identity elements we then created a design that focused on clean lines and clear communication, with consideration to the van’s real bodywork split lines.

We even added a custom V-card QR code, as an easy way of grabbing contact details, while also driving some additional web traffic.

All vinyl was cut and prepared in house, giving a very affordable custom solution.
Vehicle Vinyl Design Plans

Identity Elements for Vehicle Vinyl Design Elements

An overview of the identity elements used in the vehicle layout. These include a custom v-card QR code for automatic transfer of key contact details to your phone’s contacts.

Vehicle Vinyl Vcard QR Code

An image of the vinyl QR code in the flesh. Size is 20cm x 20cm.

Vehicle Vinyl Design Poster

We put together this print to for White Picket’s office wall, to commemorate their first van ad round the project off nicely.