Make better beer choices with our wedding day beer menu.

Wedding’s can be be thirsty work and picking a good beer these days is not always that easy.

We like our beer and thought this beer menu infographic, created as part of a full wedding stationery package, might help the guests along with those key choices.


Beer Menu Infographic For a Wedding - part of a full wedding stationery package.


Bottle tops guide the way, with nicknames for a personal touch. The bars then allow comparison of beer colour and alcohol content – something that seems more relevant with age!

The area of the bars represent the total alcohol units, with strength (% alcohol) as height and measure size as width. To complete the picture – source location and type of beer gives added information for the connoisseurs.

Lagers across the top, Ale and White beer in the middle row and the ‘Specialist’ beers across the bottom, for those feeling adventurous.

It does unfortunately reduce scope for use of the ‘ooh, it’s a bit strong this’ card, but only in the interests of drinking responsibly and fewer family fallouts. In the interests of merriness, I’m sure ‘ooh, I didn’t see the beer menu’ would be just as valid.

The full range of beers were sampled during the Wedding Day, although I’m not sure how much credit the infographic can take for that!