We created a detailed app design, complete with logo and identity for this clever geo-based card collection game.


The Zendida development team wanted a complete concept design for their card collection and trading app. The idea being that collectable cards could be found and claimed on a GPS location basis. Cards have points and type and can be traded through a ‘rock|paper|scissors’ style gameplay, which in this case would is ‘Earth|Water|Fire’. Players’ card collections and gameplay performance could be ranked against other users. Features spec also included an in-app store and community chat functionality. With card character artwork and earth/water/fire themes in mind we set to work on the design.


The earth, water, fire elements and character artwork inspired a fantasy roleplay based identity. We used different stone textures and metallic finishes to create rich underlying themes. Traditional sacred geometry was a good fit to the FRP themes and features throughout, but was particularly brought in to help with album representation and gameplay sequences. The app was feature packed so we spent quite a bit of time in on UX/UI packaging and flow to work everything into a nicely streamlined, engaging user experience.

Logo & Identity Design

We created a mythical, fantasy landscape built around the core card and gameplay elements; Earth, Water & Fire.

Different stone textures and carvings allowed us to create a layered, slick experience with a 3D feel. The benefits of using Sacred geometry were two-fold. The traditional sacred designs fit well with the mythical, fantasy themes and different geometries gave us the scope we wanted for key elements such as album artwork, gameplay design and GPS zone mapping.

Each album features 3 sets of 20 cards, so we created a stone-circle inspired ring of 20 card slots to feature in both the logo and album browsing screens.

Wireframe to Detailed Design

User experience and all App features were optimised initially in wireframe. Identity themes and materials were then layered in to create the final detailed design.

User experience, packaging and navigation was key to the success of the design. Wireframe allowed fast experimentation around different layout ideas, in order to iterate to the best final product.

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