A complete, fully tailored and unique wedding print package, done with a vintage feel.

The stationery design themes tried capture the couple’s personalities and were well integrated with the wedding’s vintage themes.

An accompanying website provides a handy information source for guests in the run up to the big day and then serves as a lasting celebration after the wedding!

Package items included: 

  • Save The Date
  • Invite
  • Order of The Day
  • Order of Service
  • Food Menu
  • Drinks Menu
  • Individual guest photo tags
  • Ceremony Reading Postcards
  • Garden Games Info Sheets
  • Website

Drinks Menu Infographic

The wedding had an awesome beer selection, so we designed a beer menu to match. Each beer’s bottle top is accompanied by a little graphic showing the beer’s characteristics for the wannabe connoisseur. Colour denotes beer type, with bar width and height showing size of bottle and alcohol strength respectively. Obligatory wine menu on the back!


The couple wanted a website that could be a one stop shop for all the wedding information in the run up to the event. Guests are easily able to RSVP and find local accommodation.

After the wedding, the website becomes a lasting celebration of the day, with a website photos added and even a counter showing how many days the happy couple have been married!

Website Design Page Examples

Wedding Wonder Wall Accommodation list page

The accommodation page is to help people find somewhere to stay nearby. The aim was to provide a concise and informative overview. Each row is designed to contain all key information for each venue, including contact details, web links, distances and map. A custom map is shown as an overlay if visitors prefer to browse by location. Hovering each row reveals panel containing relevant notes and details of any guests staying. A pop-up form is available to allow guests to inform the wedding party where they are staying in the run up to the big day!

Wedding Wonder Wall Screenshot or part complete RSVP form

An RSVP form is easily accessible through the top menu so that guests can reply via email. The form design is easy to complete and captures the site’s retro and informal design themes. Handwritten notes give tips on how to complete each field.

Customised map is available as an overlay via the top menu on every page

A customised map is available as an overlay via the top menu on every page. The aim was to provide a styled overview of the local area. The venue is highlighted, along with suggested accommodation and local activity markers and tool-tips offering information on each of the surrounding villages.

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