The PDC World Darts Championships has been running for just over 20 years and on New Year’s Day Michael Van Gerwen, earned his place as one of the World Darts Champions elite.

It wasn’t to be for Phil Taylor in 2014, but each year when the championships come round I’m reminded of his brilliance.

Only 5 people have won the PDC World Darts Championships in the last 20 years. 2 of these have won it once, 2 have won it twice, Phil Taylor has won it 14 times and a further 2 times prior to the PDC version of the competition was formed. It’s a record that simply becomes more staggering the more I think about it.

The graphic below shows the PDC World Darts Champions of the last 20 years, clockwise around the segments of a dartboard and nicely highlights just why Phil Taylor is ‘The Power’ of World Darts!

Visualisation showing the PDC World Darts Champions of the last 20 years around a dartboard