Every World Cup needs a Wall Chart.

I’ve put together a world cup wall chart. It’s all ready for some good old, pen and paper action and is available to print and play below.

Because I’m a little bit excited, I’m also going to ship A2 prints to the first 5 to ask, before Brazil kick off tonight. You might have to make do with the old notebook for the first few games, but you’ll hopefully be up and running for the final 50 or so!


A wall chart for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Championship in Brazil, with flags, fixtures, group tables and concise tournament history summary for each country.


Sometimes it’s just got to be pen and paper and when it’s the world cup you’ve got to get your wall chart out. After a quick look around earlier in the week, I couldn’t really find any that I’d actually want to put up. So I set out to create a world cup wall chart that was easy on the eye, but still brimmed with information.

I also wanted something that was a more of a grow-your-own visualisation, rather than just ending up as the usual, difficult to read, sheet of numbers and letters. There’s also plenty of scope for your own doodles, for the proud chart keepers – some tips and ideas for filling the chart in to follow.

On top of the basic schedule, each team badge contains a summary of the countries history in the tournament and current rank. Starting clockwise from 1930, the rings shows progression in each tournament, from ‘Group stage’ outwards to the elusive World Cup gold winner’s star.

I’m optimistic (as ever), but notice the 3 world cup winners and 7 world cup wins sitting in England’s group!

To keep and eye on current group tables fill in 1 bar for each point the team scores, starting from the outside, working towards the centre and the Last 16 stage.


Don’t forget, if you’d like a print, just be one of the first 5 to ask before tonight’s kick off. Can ship to anywhere within the UK.

Hope you enjoy and it’d be great to see any completed versions – if you’re on Twitter use #WorldCupWallChart.

Printable PDF of the rainbowworks World Cup Wall Chart here.