Things have been crazy busy of late and despite best intentions the blog has unfortunately taken one for the team.

However, a sneaky Saturday afternoon start at making amends with a quick look at one of the latest website projects. The site was created for StormPM, a small project management consultancy start up with a whole lot of experience.

With a wealth of recent experience in the middle east, Simon of Storm, has a worked on a heavyweight portfolio of construction projects and recently decided to launch his own consultancy, from the serenity of West Sussex.

The website was one part of the full brand identity design package we created, such that Storm was set with everything it needed to hit the ground running. The package also included logo design, full stationery (letter, invoice, business cards etc.) and some showcase imagery. It’s so nice to build an identity from scratch, as it allows real consistency to run through all elements, leaving a nice strong image.

Starting from Simon’s orange, and with project management skills in full effect, the process had real rhythm and was a pleasure to work on. The image doesn’t really do the site justice, with it’s parallax images and other effects, but it’s linked, so go and have a look and I’ll endeavour to share more of the project in the not too distant future.

Storm Webstite Mockup For Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

StormPM Website Design Layout

An overview of the one-page website designed for StormPM, a project management consultancy.